Making the Right Connections #111: The Purple Squirrel

February 13th, 2015 by The Imagination Factory


The Scenario:

Purple Squirrel needed for Brazil
In the recruiting business they are known as “Purple Squirrels” because they can be perfectly described but no one has really seen one. In this case, the employer required the successful candidate to speak Portuguese, be willing to represent the client and travel the South American continent, possess skills in the oil and gas domain, and have contacts with a major oil company.

The Action:

Difficult search, call on NPAworldwide partners
Two members in South America were engaged and the search began.

The Result:

Purple Squirrel located
After globally sourcing potentials, the NPAworldwide members were able to qualify and submit 3 candidates to the employer. All were qualified, but of course, one was a perfect fit.

The perfect candidate was found in Moscow by a senior consultant working for the Brazil-based member. The candidate was originally from Brazil and was ready to return home. So the “Purple Squirrel” was located.

The Houston based NPAworldwide member was asked, “Where do you find these people?” Of course the recruiter’s answer was, “That is what you hire us for. Because of our member-ownership in NPAworldwide, we were ready!”

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