Making the Right Connections #186: Excellence is a Habit

February 13th, 2015 by The Imagination Factory

business partners discussing documents and ideas at meeting

The Scenario:

Manufacturing Company Needs Experienced Candidates Overseas
A US-based company has multiple international openings for manufacturing, sales, and services operations roles.

The Action:

NPAworldwide Member Develops Standardized Processes and Tools
The company is an existing client of an NPAworldwide member. Due to the global nature of the hires, there were no standardized procedures in place. The hiring process was long due to delayed starts and language barriers. The NPAworldwide partner developed a standardized process for recruiting, qualification, and selection that can be repeated for future hiring needs.

The Result:

Manufacturing Company Successfully Fills Global Positions with Help of NPAworldwide Member
The NPAworldwide member leveraged its network relationships to identify high quality, external candidates. Ultimately, the NPAworldwide member was able to assist the client in filling 14 positions in 8 difference countries and met all new business commitments. Additionally, a pipeline of more than 20 additional candidates was developed for consideration for future roles.

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