Making the Right Connections #906: Expanding to China

February 13th, 2015 by The Imagination Factory


asian business team, focus on man in frontThe Scenario:

Company expanding manufacturing into China
A privately-held Midwest manufacturing company planned a phased expansion into China. The plan involved first developing solid sources of materials, then cultivating a partnership with a contract manufacturer of their products and ultimately establishing a China-based manufacturing operation.

The Action:

Client impressed with NPAworldwide’s global reach
The NPAworldwide recruiter explained to the company EVP how global reach could be provided for positions anywhere in the world. The EVP asked the recruiter to identify Chinese nationals as candidates for a China-based sourcing position.

The Result:

Candidates identified and hired
The NPAworldwide recruiter shared the position details with two partners in Asia to gain candidate referrals. Representatives from the manufacturing company flew to China to meet with several candidates and within two weeks of that meeting a candidate accepted the manufacturing company’s offer. Throughout the process, the NPAworldwide recruiter, with assistance from members in Hong Kong and Taiwan, was able to coach the client regarding visa requirements, payroll issues, housing and other critical details that delivered a successful result. The Ohio member commented, “NPAworldwide membership provided great results for our local client, halfway around the world.”

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