NPAworldwide Member Mel Weinberg Receives Ethics Award from NAPS

October 11th, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

Mel Weinberg of Accounting Career Consultants in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), has been named the 2016 recipient of the Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award, presented by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). Accounting Career Consultants is a member of NPAworldwide. The objective of this award is to recognize those individuals who have made a significant, positive, and lasting impact on the ethics of the staffing industry.

Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award Criteria

  1. Individuals may be eligible for this award regardless of tenure in the staffing industry or tenure of service to the staffing industry.
  2. Individuals may be eligible for this award through their contribution(s) on a local, regional, or national basis as long as the lasting positive impact was obvious across the entire staffing industry with regard to ethics.
  3. Individuals may be eligible for this award if it can be established that through their ethical practices, they have made a significant (staffing industry wide), positive (of great value), and lasting (withstanding the test of time) impact (change or impression) on the staffing industry.

This may be established by measuring their contribution(s) in ANY or ALL of the following:

  • Through their work within local, state, regional, or national associations have contributed in a major fashion to the betterment of the entire staffing industry.
  • Through their diligent efforts, an individual who has brought to the staffing industry a product or service of such significance and value that it created a positive change in the manner in which the staffing industry conducts its business.
  • At a specific time and place an individual who made a timely, lasting and significant contribution to the overall welfare of the staffing industry.
  • An individual who, when confronted with potentially overwhelming opposition, took a courageous stand (individually or as part of a group) and by so doing, created a result that stemmed the threat while safeguarding the existence, integrity, and future of the staffing industry.

“I’m especially pleased to have been nominated for the Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award and to have had it presented to me by my son, Larry. I was totally surprised to receive the award and I’d like to dedicate it to all of the professionals I have learned from in my 31 years in recruiting, most especially my mentor, Alexander de Greve, who is no longer with us,” commented Mr. Weinberg.

Mr. Weinberg was previously a longtime member of, and active contributor within, the National Banking Network (NBN). A list of the previous recipients of the Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award can be found here.

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