Recruitment Network Records Surge in Membership

September 15th, 2020 by Veronica Blatt

September 2020—“TEAM (, the UK’s largest network of independent recruiters, is experiencing a continuing rise in enquiries,” according to MD Jackie Torr. “Back in March this year our projections for 2020 went out the window and the industry was in turmoil. However independent recruiters have proved to be very resilient and many of our Members have reacted quickly to changing market sectors and methods of working. The vast majority of new enquiries are coming from recruiters who are recognising that the TEAM network provides massive opportunities to engage quickly and directly with similar, like-minded agency owners across the UK and beyond. Sharing business opportunities and tapping into a vast range of help and guidance from experienced professionals is proving invaluable. On a weekly basis we are hearing of some really great shared fees and this August two Members shared a £24,000 placement fee which is our largest this year …. so far! It is also interesting to note that a significant number of the 74 new Members who have joined TEAM so far this year have been recent and new start-ups, many of them saying that if they can make their business work in the current market then they will have built strong foundations for the future. We are all aware that conditions are not going to magically improve overnight but the determination and cooperative spirit of many of our Members is proving to be a key element to their future.”

NPAworldwide enjoys a partnership with TEAM that allows members of each organization expanded geographic capacity.

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