5 Reasons to Avoid Recruiting on LinkedIn

September 2nd, 2014 by The Imagination Factory

image of LinkedIn, a tool used by agency recruitersRecently, I read a post on the New York Times’ You’re the Boss blog, entitled Why I Do All My Recruiting on LinkedIn. Employers will read this and some of them will think, “Wow! That’s a GREAT idea! I should totally stop using a third-party recruiter and do all of MY recruiting on LinkedIn, too!” Here are just a few reasons why that is a foolish approach:

1. The people you REALLY want may not be there. Yep, it’s true. Regardless of what you hear, *everyone* isn’t on LinkedIn. If you’re only sourcing for candidates on LinkedIn, you are limiting yourself to the best talent ‘on’ the market, when you really want the best talent ‘in’ the market. No matter how good the tool, you can’t find what isn’t there.

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10 Reasons Employers Should Use Independent Recruiters

May 7th, 2013 by npa

man-holding-megaphoneI think the saying is “preaching to the choir”  or “preaching to the converted.”  Get ready because here I go.

Your clients are being sold on filling jobs without the help of independent recruiters.  There was an article in the NY Times titled Why We Never Use Professional Recruiters and I think some companies are likely to listen to this message because it gives them a false sense of confidence in what they can achieve without the cost of your service.  While this may seem like “preaching to the converted,” I am hoping you can use some of my arguments with those that are crazy enough to confide in you that they are planning to go it alone.  If you have a favorite way to overcome this foolish client behavior, please share your story by commenting on this blog post. Read the rest of this entry »