NPAworldwide Members Partner on CEO Search for ATA International

May 1st, 2017 by Veronica Blatt

James Lyons,, +1 203 286 7500
Michael Sudermann,, +1 336 404-4610

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA – May 1, 2017 – ATA International, headquartered in Little Rock, AR, has named Neil Morton its new CEO. ATA is the world’s largest organization dedicated to teaching martial arts to the entire family, with over 950 licensed locations around the globe.

The search was managed by James Lyons, president of LH International, LLC in New York, NY and assisted by Michael Sudermann, managing partner of ASCENT Select Talent Capital, Greensboro, NC. The two recruitment firms are member-owners of NPAworldwide and worked cooperatively on the assignment, with LH International working directly with ATA and ASCENT Select Talent Capital sourcing the candidates.

NPAworldwide is a member-owned, global network of independent world-class recruitment firms. Member firms share information to fill clients’ open positions with high-caliber talent. Through a private sharing tool, members have access to a pool of passive candidates developed by nearly 500 offices and 1300 recruiters.

LH International was selected to manage this search assignment because of its successful track record in filling C-level positions both nationally and internationally. President Jim Lyons commented, “Through my affiliation with NPAworldwide, I am able to work directly with owners of like-minded independent firms that I trust to find the talent my clients seek. It has enabled me to broaden my scope of business both geographically and across multiple industries and niches.”

Michael Sudermann added, “My NPAworldwide recruitment partners are an extension of my own firm. Jim provides the same level of detail I would obtain if I were working directly with the client, which makes it possible to tailor my recruitment efforts for the best results.”

About NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a recruitment network facilitating placements between its members. The network has nearly 500 member offices across 6 continents. For more information, please visit or


NPAworldwide Member Mel Weinberg Receives Ethics Award from NAPS

October 11th, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

Mel Weinberg of Accounting Career Consultants in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), has been named the 2016 recipient of the Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award, presented by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). Accounting Career Consultants is a member of NPAworldwide. The objective of this award is to recognize those individuals who have made a significant, positive, and lasting impact on the ethics of the staffing industry.

Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award Criteria

  1. Individuals may be eligible for this award regardless of tenure in the staffing industry or tenure of service to the staffing industry.
  2. Individuals may be eligible for this award through their contribution(s) on a local, regional, or national basis as long as the lasting positive impact was obvious across the entire staffing industry with regard to ethics.
  3. Individuals may be eligible for this award if it can be established that through their ethical practices, they have made a significant (staffing industry wide), positive (of great value), and lasting (withstanding the test of time) impact (change or impression) on the staffing industry.

This may be established by measuring their contribution(s) in ANY or ALL of the following:

  • Through their work within local, state, regional, or national associations have contributed in a major fashion to the betterment of the entire staffing industry.
  • Through their diligent efforts, an individual who has brought to the staffing industry a product or service of such significance and value that it created a positive change in the manner in which the staffing industry conducts its business.
  • At a specific time and place an individual who made a timely, lasting and significant contribution to the overall welfare of the staffing industry.
  • An individual who, when confronted with potentially overwhelming opposition, took a courageous stand (individually or as part of a group) and by so doing, created a result that stemmed the threat while safeguarding the existence, integrity, and future of the staffing industry.

“I’m especially pleased to have been nominated for the Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award and to have had it presented to me by my son, Larry. I was totally surprised to receive the award and I’d like to dedicate it to all of the professionals I have learned from in my 31 years in recruiting, most especially my mentor, Alexander de Greve, who is no longer with us,” commented Mr. Weinberg.

Mr. Weinberg was previously a longtime member of, and active contributor within, the National Banking Network (NBN). A list of the previous recipients of the Norbert I.B. Fried Ethics Award can be found here.

NPAworldwide Announces Results of Business Barometer Survey

October 5th, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

Contact: Dave Nerz
+1 616 871-3326

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA – September 28, 2016 –NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network, announced the results of its business barometer survey. The survey is done twice annually and looks to engage the boutique and independent recruiters that are members of the NPAworldwide global network in documenting past results and predicting future recruitment industry results.

“Member recruiters are very positive about business conditions over the last 180 days and see a continuation of positive momentum for the near future” said Dave Nerz, president of NPAworldwide. “More than 90% of the independent business owners surveyed are forecasting similar or improved market conditions in the next 180 days.”

Other results of this survey of the more than 500 independent members of NPAworldwide indicated:

  • The majority of respondents (65%) are from North America
  • A significant percentage (23%) of respondents are from Australia/New Zealand
  • 12% of respondents were in Asia, EMEA or Latin America
  • 48% reported business as improved in the last 180 days, 31% the same, and 21% as worse
  • Most (68%) saw business performing at or above expectations in the last 90 days
  • Only 9% of the respondents have a negative outlook for the next 6 months
  • A large majority (84%) see fees as remaining at or above the last 6 month levels

“Our member-owners listed the manufacturing/supply Chain, accounting/finance and technology vertical markets as particularly strong. The results of the business barometer overall pointed to a continuing positive trend for the independent firms that are working cooperatively within our recruitment network,” said Nerz. “Clients are offering our members many open assignments. The assignments are difficult, the candidates scarce but with the cooperation between independents, many openings are being filled. Most firms have more work than they are capable of filling on their own, so the NPAworldwide partner model is producing results for both their businesses and the employers they service.”


About NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a recruitment network facilitating placements between its members. The network has more than 500 locations with 1,400 recruiters across 6 continents. For more information, please visit or

Final Four: How to Recruit Millennials in Your Workforce (and Retain Them!)

September 30th, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

recruit millennials

Today’s guest blogger is Alana Davis of MAU Workforce Solutions, specializing in staffing, recruiting and outsourcing solutions for employers across the US and around the world through global recruiting partners.

Google Millennials in the Workplace or any other search involving millennials and employment, and there will be no shortage of articles, studies, and other content offering insight and data on how this generation operates in today’s workforce. Fortunately, the older Millennial group has now been in the workforce for five plus years.

Whether you have figured out the magic formula to working with Gen Y in your organization, or are still trying to grasp social media (what’s Snapchat??) and understand how emojis work, as more Millennials join the workforce in the coming years, there are a few key items to consider.

Here are the final four tips to make part of your recruiting and retention strategy.

1. “Meet” them where they are. Since the birth of Facebook, Millennials have been glued to social media. And now, with Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook Live, social media is where we spend our time! As an employer, having a presence on social media is crucial. Job seekers not only look to a company’s social media presence to gauge a company’s culture, but they may also use it as a form of communication, such as Facebook posts and messaging, or making comments to an Instagram picture. And you want to be right there, ready to engage! A company may even want to dedicate someone that responds to these forms of communication so not to lose the opportunity to engage potential quality employees!

2. Make the initial application simple. This cannot be emphasized enough! In a recent post, we discussed how our attention span has significantly decreased and is now shorter than that of a goldfish. And this is true for more than just the Millennial generation. As consumers, we have accessibility to quick fixes, solutions, and service. The job seeker wants the same thing, especially when initially applying or showing interest in a position. Try to make the initial application simple by having a short form for the job seeker to fill out with maybe an option to attach his/her resume. Since we know most people apply on mobile devices, the simpler the process is, the more applicants’ attention you’ll keep to finish the initial app.

3. Culture, Culture, Culture! When Millennials are looking for a new opportunity, one of their top priorities is making sure that they will fit in with the company culture. They want to know that they will be able to believe in what they do. This is key both in the recruiting and retention strategy. Use the job description as a way to give snippets of your culture by including the organization’s mission and values. Also, use social media to share the company’s culture with both prospective and current employees. Post pictures of company and community events, office gatherings, or holiday celebrations. This will help the job seeker understand what the work environment might be like, while also reinforcing the culture to current employees.

4. Embrace flexibility. In a recent article from the Charleston Regional Business Journal, Peggy Frazier, global talent acquisition manager of Blackbaud said she is working to recruit recruit millennialsmillennials who want more balance between work and their life outside of it. Because of technology, remote work and working beyond the regular 9-5 hours is possible. More and more job seekers are looking for flexible work and as the job market tightens, employers that embrace the trend will benefit in the long run. Consider evaluating positions in your organization that could be done remotely or with flexible hours. For example, at MAU, many of our professional recruiters work remotely and/or part time, so they can be with their families more. Embracing this type of work not only has been successful from a business perspective but has improved the employee’s job satisfaction!

Hopefully you’re getting a handle on this multi-generational workforce we are all navigating in today’s world. As we continue on this journey, and work to continuously improve our recruiting and retention strategies, consider these final four tips.

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Independent Recruitment Firms Expand Capacity through NPAworldwide

September 21st, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

Contact: Veronica Scrimshaw, Director of Corporate Communications
+1 616 871-3323

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA – September 21, 2016 –Fourteen independent recruitment firms have joined NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network. Membership allows these firms to expand their recruitment capacity across industries and geographies by partnering with other member firms.

  • Brown & Chase Pty Ltd (, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and Manila, Philippines
    • Primarily recruit in the disciplines of executive & board, sales, marketing & communications, information technology, accounting, human resources and office support with a focus on permanent retained assignments.
  • Intel HR Consulting Ltd (, Duoala, Littoral Province, Cameroon
    • Focus on accounting, financial services, pharmaceutical, C-level executives, construction, logistics, health researchers, disease surveillance, and NGOs
  • Prestige Recruiting Firm, LLC (, Tampa, Florida, USA
    • Specializing in recruiting executive sales, senior business leaders, and high level technical engineers across multiple industries
  • Technical Recruitment Solutions (, San Francisco, California, USA
    • Specializing in creative & technical talent UX, UI, full stack developers, technical executives and project leaders, data scientists, big data & data center professionals in healthcare, big data analytics, professional services, life sciences, software & internet development/delivery
  • Motion Recruiters (, Miami, Florida, USA
    • Providing recruitment services in the areas of finance, human resources, C-level executives, aerospace, defense, electronics development, hardware/software engineering, information technology, and engineering (mechanical, electrical, design)
  • Global Search Pte (, Singapore
    • Specializing in the attraction, selection and recruitment of professionals in the banking, finance, HR and management consultancy industries
  • Employment Vietnam (, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Providing a wide variety of human resource services including executive search & selection, HR outsourcing, payroll outsourcing and HR consultancy
  • Overture Placements, LLC (, Syracuse, New York, USA
    • A few of the industries served include administrative, education, executive search, finance, healthcare, human resources, insurance, marketing, non-profit, produce/food manufacturing, sales, technology
  • Bryn Neil International (, Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Focus is on application development, infrastructure, security, quality assurance, and project management
  • Career Advantage, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
    • Focus is on the manufacturing industry
  • U.S. Staffing Agency, LLC (, Jackson, Jonesville, Battle Creek, Lansing, and Coldwater, Michigan, USA
    • Specialized in adminstrative, management, skilled labor specialists, and general labor roles in the automotive, agriculture, food processing, entertainment, and other industries
  • TW Staffing Solutions (, New York, New York, USA
    • Areas of focus include information technology, finance, and human resources
  • Beecoz P/L (, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    • Specializing in technical, operations, and business positions in the special events industry
  • Escape Recruitment (, Dublin, Ireland
    • Boutique financial services/energy/sales search firm

“Congratulations to each of our new members,” said Dave Nerz, president of NPAworldwide. “By joining the network, these recruitment firms are invested as owners. Membership in NPAworldwide allows independent recruitment firms to more effectively serve their clients and candidates by adding or increasing split placements.”

NPAworldwide membership is offered on a selective basis to independently-owned recruitment firms who meet the network’s enrollment criteria and have a strategic interest in making split placements.

About NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a network of independent recruitment firms facilitating placements between its members. The network has more than 500 member locations across 6 continents. For more information, please visit or


5 New Members Join Global Recruitment Network

August 13th, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

Contact: Veronica Scrimshaw
Director of Corporate Communications
+1 616 871-3323

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA – August 13, 2016 – NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network, is pleased to announce the following recruitment firms have become members:

  • A-Temp 4U, ( Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    • Providing organisations with temporary, permanent and HR dolutions for a wide cross-section of industry sectors along the eastern seaboard of Australia
  • RSI Inc Recruitment Solutions Integrators, ( Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • RSI specializes in helping employers fill technical specialized or management positions with candidates that correspond exactly to their specifications
  • Premier Recruitment Worldwide (, Dublin, Irelan
    • Placing professionals in the areas of accounting / finance, IT / hardware / software / electronics and manufacturing / mining / construction / supply chain on a global basi
  • The Albo Group, Detroit, Michigan, US
    • Focus is on placing sales professionals at all level
  • Mkapoor Network (, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • Specialist recruitment firm placing data scientists across industries around the globe

“Congratulations to each of our new members,” said Dave Nerz, president of NPAworldwide. “By joining the network, these recruitment firms are invested as owners. Membership in NPAworldwide allows independent recruitment agencies to more effectively serve their clients and candidates by partnering with other member firms on a split-fee basis.”

NPAworldwide membership is offered on a selective basis to independently-owned recruitment firms who meet the network’s enrollment criteria and have a strategic interest in making split placements.

About NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a recruitment network facilitating placements between its members. The network has nearly 500 member offices across 6 continents. For more information, please visit or


4 Tips to Remember When an Employee Asks for a Salary Increase

August 10th, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

various-world-money-300Today’s guest blogger is Paulette Steele from Real Positions. Based in Queensland, Australia, Real Positions provides specialist recruitment in the real estate, retail, and commercial and industrial sectors. Her post about what to keep in mind when employees are asking about a salary increase is available here:

Picture this! Your employee comes to you one day and wants a salary increase. However, you can’t provide them with a raise or you don’t consider their work efforts entitle them to one.

Has this happened and how do you handle this type of situation?

It’s a delicate matter particularly if you value this employee’s efforts in your business.

How do you approach this without risking, demotivating, and upsetting your employee by not giving them a raise? Or do you give them a salary increase which can result in a financial burden to your business if you can’t see sufficient financial turnover from this employee’s work?

What is the best way to handle this? Here are 4 important tips to remember when one of your employees next asks you for a salary increase:

  • Allow them the opportunity to explain why they believe they deserve an increase in their salary. It may be they are doing a lot more than you thought and that they do more than is in their job description. Some people enjoy taking on extra responsibilities to give them a challenge or because they would be otherwise bored. It could be you need to reconsider?
  • Think about what it would cost you to replace this employee if they ended up leaving. Compare the salary increase with the costs of bringing in someone new to their position. A new person will take time to pick up the responsibilities of the position and find out how your company’s systems work. Every business does things differently! And what if they aren’t as good as the person you let go?
  • If you give them an increase, it should be for what they have accomplished in their work up to now. Don’t simply give them a raise because of what they say they will do for your business in the future. These could just be hollow words spoken to ensure they obtain a salary increase.
  • Are there other alternatives to simply an increase in their salary? Does their position suit a bonus scheme? Some people enjoy having a bonus incentive if they meet or exceed their targets. Also, there are a lot of things that employees value more than money. Could you provide flexible working hours or the ability to work from home part of the time? With technology as it is nowadays, many tasks can be done remotely on a computer from a home.

So, when an employee in your company comes to you next to discuss their salary, consider these important points before making your decision.


Successful Recruiting is Like Golf

June 30th, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

successful recruiting is like golfToday’s guest blogger is John Gilbert from Options Consulting Group. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Options Consulting Group has been supporting industry since 1990. The firm’s business partner/trusted advisor engagement style is complimented by expertise and success in executive, professional and technical recruitment for permanent, interim management and contract roles. John’s thoughts on why successful recruiting is like golf can be found here:

Recruiters use LinkedIn. This isn’t a trade secret. We use it to interact with clients, candidates and to develop possible connections. It’s used to keep up to date with news and as a platform to publish work. However at OCG, we have numerous other tools at our disposal.

John Gilbert – OCG Owner/Principal explains it this way – when playing golf, you don’t use the same golf club every time you hit the ball. You’ll need drivers, putters, woods and irons on every hole to complete the game in the best possible style.

This is the same for small and medium businesses when recruiting. Realistically, you can’t expect to find the best-suited candidate to fill your vacant position by limiting yourself to searching LinkedIn and Seek. You’ll need various methods to identify and source suitable candidates, which is where a recruiter acting as your trusted advisor/business partner becomes even more important.  And we’re yet to touch on interviewing skills, effective applications management and potential negative impact on your employment brand!

Taking Options Consulting Group as an example, we have access to well-developed networks via NPAworldwide, extensive databases and access to selected and relevant job boards – and over 80 years of experience between us. This helps our clients to connect with the best person for the job.

Is this your experience when going alone?


Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) have limited time to dedicate to finding the perfect applicant. It may seem easier because you don’t have to explain your business and position to a third party, however, SME’s filling their own staff vacancies are required to complete their own filtering process. This can be time-consuming as you will be setting up meetings, reading CV’s, interviewing and assessing multiple and potentially unsuitable applicants.


Recruiters know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve experienced bogus qualifications, probed on reference checks and know the signs to look for. Experienced recruiters don’t shy away from salary negotiations and have clients’ and candidates’ best intentions in mind. These are some of the key elements when hiring that cannot be overlooked. Being blindsided isn’t an experience anyone wants to have; recruiters know how to handle these situations.


There are multiple resources that your recruiter will have access to. These include personal contacts in relevant industries, paid subscriptions to specialist forums and personal databases that have been added to over the years. OCG has proven processes, quality assurance, and a 12-month candidate care program, ensuring peace of mind.


This is an important element of a successful recruiter. Conducting the recruitment process for the first time can be daunting and filling your own staff and leadership vacancies is no exception.

Feeling like the right questions aren’t being asked in the interview may undermine a candidate’s confidence in the role, the company and runs the risk of alienating the candidate from the opportunity.

When choosing to outsource your recruitment needs, ensure you are working with a company that understands your business environment, processes and competencies for the role – a business partner and trusted advisor who wants to solve your problems rather than sell you a person!

Using the right golf club for each round allows you to strategise your best play. If you would do it on the golf course, do it for your business too!


Independent Recruitment Firms Join NPAworldwide

June 23rd, 2016 by Veronica Blatt


Contact: Veronica Scrimshaw, Director of Corporate Communications
+1 616 871-3323

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA – June 23, 2016 – Ten independent recruitment firms have joined NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network.

  • SERH (, Bahia, Salvador, Brazil
    • Areas of focus include industrial, retail, and automotive
  • Phillip Riley, ( Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    • Recruitment and consulting practice focusing on the renewable energy & energy efficiency sector
  • Bertram Resources LLC, Houston, Texas, USA
    • Extensive experience in engineering, infrastructure, information technology, healthcare, and skilled labor
  • MConsulting Solutions (, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
    • Focus is on executive, commercial, healthcare, sales, operations, mining and sporting recruitment
  • Excelerate Resources (, Warwick, United Kingdom
    • Specializing in the beverage, leisure, and retail sectors
  • Kites Consulting (, Dublin, Ohio, USA
    • Exclusive focus on information technology
  • BSI People Pty Ltd (, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    • Specialist recruitment firm with a focus on information & communication technology and human resources services
  • Max Populi, LLC (, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    • Providing retained search, contingency search, contract recruiting, international recruitment, BPO, and RPO
  • TDM & Associates LLC (, Champaign, Illinois, USA
    • Providing search services to manufacturing, banking, non-profit, and agriculture industry clients
  • Acavi (, Paris and Lyon, France
    • Specialized in human resources for companies working in life sciences, chemicals and materials science

“Congratulations to each of our new members,” said Dave Nerz, president of NPAworldwide. “By joining the network, these recruitment firms are invested as owners. Membership in NPAworldwide allows independent recruitment agencies to more effectively serve their clients and candidates by partnering with other member firms on a split-fee basis.”

NPAworldwide membership is offered on a selective basis to independent recruitment firms who meet the network’s enrollment criteria and have a strategic interest in making split placements.

About NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a recruitment network facilitating placements between its members. The network has nearly 500 member offices across 6 continents. For more information, please visit or


Manpower Reports Positive Global Hiring for Q3

June 22nd, 2016 by Veronica Blatt

world clocks representing global hiringManpower has released the results of its latest Employment Outlook Survey. For the upcoming three months, global hiring is expected to grow in 40 of the 43 countries surveyed. However, growth is many of these areas is expected to be slower than the previous quarter as well as on a year-over-year basis. Following are some highlights from the survey results:

The Americas

  • The strongest hiring outlooks were reported in Guatemala and the United States. Construction, services, and agriculture are especially strong sectors in Guatemala, while in the United States, growth is anticipated in both the leisure/hospitality and wholesales/retail trade sectors.
  • Canadian employers expect to see growth in all areas except mining. Depressed energy prices appear to be causing overall slower hiring on a year-over-year basis.
  • Brazil’s slow hiring is expected to further deepen. This continues a trend that started in Q4 2011, with employer confidence dropping to its lowest level (again) since 2009.

Asia Pacific

  • Nearly 15,000 employers in eight countries participated in the survey. While there is expected to be some hiring activity across the board, momentum is slowing across the region.
  • Once again, employers in India report the strongest hiring plans, with more than one-third of employers expecting to increase payrolls during the quarter. The strongest sectors look to be services and transportation/utilities.
  • Like Brazil, hiring plans have weakened in China in all industries and sectors in comparison to both the previous quarter as well as last year. The largest declines are in finance, insurance, and real estate.
  • Taiwan is reporting increased hiring in the upcoming quarter after five consecutive quarters of decreases.


  • Hiring forecasts are mixed across the region with increases expected in half of the countries participating in the survey and decreases in seven. Growth is expected to be slower than last year.
  • A strong manufacturing sector in Romania helps position that country with the most optimistic outlook for the upcoming quarter, buoyed by similar strength in construction.
  • The hiring outlook remains positive in the UK despite the turmoil associated with the “BRexit” referendum. The best opportunities for job seekers will be in construction, finance/business services, and utilities.
  • Employers in Italy and Switzerland are reporting flat hiring for the upcoming quarter.

What global hiring activity are you seeing in your niche? Comment below!